The service provided by Herts & London Car Keys was great. I was so worried when I left my car keys inside the car, but it was all resolved so quickly I was amazed

Andrew, Clapham Junction

I lost my car keys and call Herts & London Car Keys. They promised they will come to me in less that an hour; it took them 45m. They were able to open the car and give me a new copy on the spot!

Sophie, Putney

It was the middle of the night and left my keys in the boot, once they were locked I was doomed. I was very grateful that Emre at Herts and London Car Keys made his way as soon as he got the call. He opened the door in minutes – excellent service!

Courtney, Shepherds Bush

My Ford Transit was parked at an insecure location and I was very worried about all my work-gear in the back getting stolen. I had lost my one and only key. I phoned up Herts and London Car Keys in the evening and got a response straight away. They also had a spare key to offer me!

Adam, Kilburn

I run a small car dealership and thanks to Herts and London Car Keys I never get myself into trouble when it comes to car keys

Geoff, Edgware

I run a vehicle repair workshop in Hemel Hempstead and have had issues with lost car keys. Emre knows how tricky it can be to run a busy garage and has never let me down when we have lost keys. Thank you

Eduado, Hemel Hempstead

We have a family car with 2 keys, for me and my wife. My daughter started to drive as well so we thought a 3rd key would come in handy. We called Herts and London Car Keys and were very pleased to have them come and make a remote key for my daughter

Ali, Luton

I was in a nightclub in central London and my handbag was stolen – and unfortunately also carried my car keys with me that night. The next morning I called Herts and London Car Keys and they managed to fit my car in for a replacement key. The locksmith explained to me that the stolen key would not be able to start the car so that was good to hear. Thanks

Leila, Watford

I took a chance at buying a car at an auction with no keys. I booked an appointment with Herts and London Car Keys to provide me a key that would work for my car. I was very happy with the service and price

Zac, Hackney


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