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Car keys being stolen is becoming more and more common since immobilisers have improved over the years.


The easiest way for a thief to steal a car is if they have the keys.
Keys are a lot easier to steal than you might think

Losing your car keys can be a headache but it’s not nearly as stressful as having your keys stolen. 

Here are our tips on what you need to do if your keys are stolen.

If you’ve had your keys stolen there a few things to do before calling the auto locksmith.

Follow these simple steps below to get the problem sorted.


  • Call the police!
    Calling the police and reporting the crime should be your top priority. Not only does it give you a chance of getting your keys back but it will give you a Unique crime reference number which can be used in insurance claims if your policy covers loss of keys.


  • Secure the vehicle.
    Securing the vehicle is the best thing you can do to make sure it can not be stolen. A few options include blocking the car in with another vehicle, removing some fuses(if you have a spare key) or disconnecting the battery. If your vehicle is not at your home then we always recommend staying with it until the auto locksmith arrives.


  • Contact your insurer.
    Often insurers will provide key cover as part of your policy. It’s always worth contacting the insurer to check. Sometimes they will cover the cost and other times they will contribute towards to replacement keys and work. 


  • Call the auto locksmith!
    Give us a call! We can be with you in under 2 hours and have you on your way with a new set of keys and the peace of mind that no one else can get into your vehicle.

What to do if your keys are stolen

a new key being held up in front of a blue bmw

Key Fob Refurbishments

In some cases, it is not needed for us to replace the whole unit itself. 
If your fob has become worn or intermittent due to buttons sticking or a broken key housing we can often replace the housing or repair any issues with the fob itself. 

This is a cost-effective solution when compared to replacing the whole fob. 
To learn more about repairing keys click here. 

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Wherever & Whenever

There is never a good time to have a key fob break on you!
This is why we offer all of our repair and replacement work as a mobile service.

Why go to the main dealer on your day off when we can come and repair your keys at a fraction of the cost whilst you are at work or at home doing the things you want to do!

At home, at work or by the roadside. 

Call the Auto Locksmith Today!

Call us today for a free quote on your key fob or remote.
Why wait for it to get worse!


Car key theft is a lot more common than you may think

Since 1995 the fitting of electronic immobilisers has been mandatory due to EU legislation. 
Making thieves shift from just breaking into a car and hotwiring just like they do in the movies. 

Nowadays its much easier to steal the keys and we are seeing much more of a hike in key theft. 

  • Theft using keys for cars registered after 1997 85% 85%
  • Keys stolen through burglary 37% 37%
  • Car theft from owners leaving keys in their car 18% 18%

Sources  referenced from the Home office and police findings survey 239

Discounts for spare keys cut on-site!

Having a spare key could save you the hassle of getting locked out due to a broken key fob. 
We can offer a discount on a spare key whilst we are on-site, saving time and money!


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