Full Lock replacments- Herts and London

Some vehicles are prone to locks failing or becoming problematic such as Ford Transit vans with their sticking key barrels.
In these scenarios, it is often more economical to replace the lock rather than trying to repair it.

Locks do and will fail depending on the age of a vehicle. 
We can offer full lock replacement at home, at work or at the roadside.

Do I need to replace my locks?


Some makes of vehicle are more prone to locks failing than others.
It is a hard decision whether locks should be changed or can be repaired, in some instances a repair will only last so long before the issue comes back and in these cases, we always recommend changing the offending lock.


Is it a lock issue or something else?

Some issues may not even be related to a single lock but more the central locking system if your vehicle has one. If we discover a central locking fault we can also fix this whilst we are on-site and you won’t have to call us out at a later date.

Sometimes it can also be an issue with the key itself and this can be easily fixed by repairing the key or creating a new one. You can learn more about our key cutting service here.


We will always strive to ascertain the nature of the issue before starting any work and give you a price upfront that you can trust.

Broken Locks – Repair or replace

A photo of a vans back door with a new lock fitted.

Key Fob Refurbishments

In some cases, it is not needed for us to replace the whole unit itself. 
If your fob has become worn or intermittent due to buttons sticking or a broken key housing we can often replace the housing or repair any issues with the fob itself. 

This is a cost-effective solution when compared to replacing the whole fob. 
To learn more about repairing keys click here. 

a collection of images showing keys being cut for a Citroen DS3

Wherever & Whenever

There is never a good time to have a key fob break on you!
This is why we offer all of our repair and replacement work as a mobile service.

Why go to the main dealer on your day off when we can come and repair your keys at a fraction of the cost whilst you are at work or at home doing the things you want to do!

At home, at work or by the roadside. 

Call the Auto Locksmith Today!

Call us today for a free quote on your key fob or remote.
Why wait for it to get worse!


Discounts for spare keys cut on-site!

Having a spare key could save you the hassle of getting locked out due to a broken key fob. 
We can offer a discount on a spare key whilst we are on-site, saving time and money!


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