Spare Car Keys

Having a spare key on hand in case of an emergency is the best way to protect yourself against a lockout situation. Here at Herts and London Car Keys, we can provide spare keys cut and programmed for any make or model of vehicle along with a guarantee to offer peace of mind. 

Reasons to get a spare key cut

If you have bought a second-hand car, either from a dealer or a private sale, often there is only one key with the vehicle. Most of the time this isn’t a problem but when a situation arises where you cannot get into your vehicle a spare key could mean the difference between gaining entry or paying an auto locksmith to get you into your vehicle. 

Spare keys also take the strain out of sharing a car, meaning both drivers can have their own key. No more arguing over where the key was last! 

The value of a second hand car can be improved by having a spare key, often this offsets the cost of having a spare cut in the first place. 

Spare Car Key Services In Herts & London



Spare keys cut: wherever you’re parked


It doesn’t matter where you are, we will come to you and get your key cut and programmed on the spot.

Your time is precious and we know that we can make arrangements around you to cut your key in your office car park or whilst you’ve got some spare time at home.

Fully flexible around a time and a place that suits you.

Areas covered

We’re based in North London but also operate within Hertfordshire and will travel a little further to provide spare keys for nearly all makes and models of vehicles.


North of the River Thames, North, East and West London, including South West London and central London.


North up to Letchworth Garden City, East of Hertfordshire up to Bishops Stortford. Buckinghamshire up to Berkhamsted.

Why Choose Us?

With exceptional service, full guarantees and vast experience, why wouldn’t you!

  • We are your local locksmiths that can fulfil the same service as the main dealers at a fraction of the cost.
  • All of our parts are OEM or manufacturer-approved meaning you get the same great service with parts you can trust.
  • All of our spare keys come with a one year guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that you can trust our work.
  • Main dealerships charge a lot of money for spare keys and these often have to be ordered in and then cut, this can take upwards of 7 days.
  • We at Herts and London Car Keys can be with you in under 2 hours and have a new key cut and programmed in under 90 minutes.

… All of this at a time and place that suits you.


Types of keys we can provide

We can cut and programme the main 3 types of keys for most makes and models.

Mechanical Keys

This type of key is a standard for older vehicles with no central locking systems.
A mechanical key is often used as a backup for some makes of vehicle, giving you access to a vehicle if your battery has failed on your main key.
Being a simple design these keys can be cut relatively quickly and are ideal as a backup in case of a lockout.

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are the most common type of key available for most newer cars.
This type of keys features a transponder chip that communicates with the car to allow entry.
Having a spare transponder key is essential for some cars that have push-starts and require the key to be in the vehicle.
Spare transponders keys are ideal for car sharing situations meaning both parties can have their own key for the vehicle.

Keyless Remotes/Key Fobs

New vehicles are starting to replace transponder keys with remotes and key fobs.
This type of key can spell disaster if lost, we can replace and programme keyless remotes or fobs at any location.
Extra time may be required to acquire a replacement.

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