Key fob replacements- Herts and London

Over time key fobs can become worn and eventually break.
We can offer refurbishments or replacements with original key fobs or aftermarket spares at a cheaper price.

Having a faulty key fob can be annoying but its only a matter of time before they break and leave you stranded. 

When to replace your Key Fob


Key Fobs have a habit of breaking on you when you least expect it but there are some warning signs!

Key fobs will start to become intermittent from a sticking button, water damage or just being at the end of its life.
If your key has started to become intermittent, then it is very important that you give us a call to give you a quote.
The last thing you want is to be stuck in a carpark or at the side of the road with a vehicle that you cant get into.


When to replace your Key Fob

In an ideal world as soon as you start to notice a fault with your key fob it’s worth replacing. 
But we are all guilty of hanging on just a little bit longer and this is where issues arise. 
We will always try to repair key fobs and keep the hidden key intact but sometimes its just not economical to do so. 

We offer brand new key fobs straight from the manufacturer that can be cut and coded on site. 
If you don’t need the original manufacturer’s style key we can also offer aftermarket key fobs. 

These look a little different to the original key fob but perform exactly the same and come at a lower price with the same 5-star service included. 

Broken Key Fobs – Repair or replace

a new key being held up in front of a blue bmw

Key Fob Refurbishments

In some cases, it is not needed for us to replace the whole unit itself. 
If your fob has become worn or intermittent due to buttons sticking or a broken key housing we can often replace the housing or repair any issues with the fob itself. 

This is a cost-effective solution when compared to replacing the whole fob. 
To learn more about repairing keys click here. 

a collection of images showing keys being cut for a Citroen DS3

Wherever & Whenever

There is never a good time to have a key fob break on you!
This is why we offer all of our repair and replacement work as a mobile service.

Why go to the main dealer on your day off when we can come and repair your keys at a fraction of the cost whilst you are at work or at home doing the things you want to do!

At home, at work or by the roadside. 

Call the Auto Locksmith Today!

Call us today for a free quote on your key fob or remote.
Why wait for it to get worse!


Discounts for spare keys cut on-site!

Having a spare key could save you the hassle of getting locked out due to a broken key fob. 
We can offer a discount on a spare key whilst we are on-site, saving time and money!


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