I have lost my car keys and don’t have a spare, can you help and how much will it cost?

We can help get you back on the road by providing a replacement car key using our mobile workshop. The price will differ according to the make and model of your vehicle.

What do you mean by non-destructive entry to the vehicle?

We have a range of specially designed lock picks that we use to feed into the key barrel on your door. The aim is to manipulate the wafers inside the lock so they sit in the correct position. Once all the wafers are in the right position your lock will turn, allowing access to your vehicle

Can you supply and programme slot keys, such as the the BMW E90 (3series) and E60 (5 series)?

Absolutely, we can supply and programme keys for most BMW’s from the diamond shape key to the common slot keys found on more modern BMW’s.

I purchased a key from my main dealer? Can you cut the key and programme it for me?

Yes we can, but the charge to cut and programme the key will differ depending on the vehicle.

Is your service cheaper than the main dealer?

A lot of the time we will be cheaper than the main dealer. On some vehicles the price can be the same as the main dealer, but please remember that you get the added benefits of having the service done at your door at a much quicker rate.

I just want a spare key for my car, what do you need from me?

We will arrange a time and day for us to come to you. We will ask you the type of key that you currently have for the car, so we make sure to provide you the exact same type.

We urge customer’s to provide all the keys when carrying out the work as working keys may need to be reprogrammed to the vehicle’s immobiliser system.


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