Japanese Import Car Locksmith

We specialise in Japanese import car keys.


Finding an auto locksmith who is able to create custom keys for cars from Japan can be tricky and expensive, often with long waiting times.


Most dealerships will not be able to help, especially with older models or custom keys.

It can be stressful trying to get new keys for your import car. We can help and make that stress disappear! 

We are able to supply and program new keys, whether you’ve lost all keys or need a spare, to your Japanese import car.

We stock a wide variety of keys for cars imported from Japan and are happy to announce that we are continuing to increase the inventory of new keys. We stock typical ignition keys with remote controls and also smart keys typically used for Hybrid models such as many of the later Toyota cars.

For some Japanese spec cars, we are also able to produce high quality universal remote control keys that we always maintain in stock. They typically work out cheaper and carry the look and feel of a manufacturer OEM key.

Auto Locksmith For Japanese Cars

A fully Mobile Locksmith 

Your time is important and so is ours. 
We aim to make your new keys to your import in under 2 hours. 

Imported cars can be hard to find keys for, let alone a locksmith who can cut and code them.

We are able to have a new set of keys cut and coded to your import car quickly and efficiently.

As we increase our inventory of keys we will cover more makes and models. And on models where we do not hold the OEM key, we are able to create a standard fob that will function exactly like the original.

Key Fob Refurbishments

In some cases, it is not needed for us to replace the whole unit itself. 
If your fob has become worn or intermittent due to buttons sticking or a broken key housing we can often replace the housing or repair any issues with the fob itself. 

This is a cost-effective solution when compared to replacing the whole fob. 
To learn more about repairing keys click here. 

a collection of images showing keys being cut for a Citroen DS3

Wherever & Whenever

There is never a good time to have a key fob break on you!
This is why we offer all of our repair and replacement work as a mobile service.

Why go to the main dealer on your day off when we can come and repair your keys at a fraction of the cost whilst you are at work or at home doing the things you want to do!

At home, at work or by the roadside. 

Call the Auto Locksmith Today!

Call us today for a free quote on your key fob or remote.
Why wait for it to get worse!


Main issues with imported car keys



  • “The dealership won’t touch my car because it is imported, what can I do?”



  • “The few places that I have found are really expensive”



  • “I have found someone to cut a key but it’s going to take a while since the key has to be imported”


  • “I want the original style key to keep everything OEM”



  • ” Im Locked out and I don’t have a spare, other locksmiths won’t help”



Our Solutions


  • Many main dealerships will not touch any imported cars as they just do not have the experience with them. We have worked on many imported cars and have no issues in doing so.


  • If you are looking for the original OEM style key these cost a little more than a universal remote key fob. We offer OEM and universal keys and fobs at very competitive prices.


  • We stock a large range of imported key blanks so often we can cut and code a key on the spot for you with no wait, all at a time and place that suits you.


  • That’s no problem for us! we stock OEM keys for a large range of imported cars.


  • A lot of locksmiths won’t touch imported cars because the keys and transponders are non-standard.  We offer a fully mobile auto locksmith service for most imported cars.



Locked out of your imported Jap car?

We know that your import is your pride and joy. 
That’s why we use non-intrusive methods to get you back into your vehicle. 

Reaching for the drill is always the last resort.

We have a variety of ways to gain entry to Japanese cars, from removing key barrels to generating a code for the transponder.
Whatever the make or model of imported car we can gain you access in no time.

And while we’re at it we can cut you a spare key to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Discounts for spare keys cut on-site!

Having a spare key could save you the hassle of getting locked out due to a broken key fob. 
We can offer a discount on a spare key whilst we are on-site, saving time and money!


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