Lost Car Keys- Herts and London

When you lose your keys it can feel like the end of the world!
It isn’t… but it can feel like it.
That’s where we come in! Modern-day key saviours!

Okay, so you’ve lost your keys, Let’s get this sorted!

Read below the steps you need to take to secure your vehicle.

Secure the vehicle. 

The first step to take if you have lost your car keys is to secure the vehicle.
You can secure a vehicle by blocking it in with another vehicle if it is at your home address or staying with the vehicle if it is parked in a public place and you do not have a spare.

Thieves are opportunistic and a found set of keys can be an invitation to them. Although the majority of lost car keys will be handed in where they are found or to the police there is always a chance that the vehicle can be robbed or stolen if you have lost your keys.

Call your insurance provider

Some insurance providers will offer key cover with their policies.
This can mean that you can get a spare key cut on location by an approved auto locksmith from your insurance company.
Normally the insurance company will charge an excess value for this service. Not all insurance companies offer this but it is worth checking.

Once you have completed the steps above, its time to call Herts & London Car Keys!



Lost your car keys?

a new key being held up in front of a blue bmw

Key Fob Refurbishments

In some cases, it is not needed for us to replace the whole unit itself. 
If your fob has become worn or intermittent due to buttons sticking or a broken key housing we can often replace the housing or repair any issues with the fob itself. 

This is a cost-effective solution when compared to replacing the whole fob. 
To learn more about repairing keys click here. 

a collection of images showing keys being cut for a Citroen DS3

Wherever & Whenever

There is never a good time to have a key fob break on you!
This is why we offer all of our repair and replacement work as a mobile service.

Why go to the main dealer on your day off when we can come and repair your keys at a fraction of the cost whilst you are at work or at home doing the things you want to do!

At home, at work or by the roadside. 

Call the Auto Locksmith Today!

Call us today for a free quote on your key fob or remote.
Why wait for it to get worse!


Discounts for spare keys cut on-site!

Having a spare key could save you the hassle of getting locked out due to a broken key fob. 
We can offer a discount on a spare key whilst we are on-site, saving time and money!


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