Vehicle Entry – Locked Key Inside Vehicle

Unfortunately, many people across the country suffer from this issue. One of the common problems we see in this business is the customer leaving their keys in the boot of their vehicle and closing the boot lid-locking all the doors! The cause of this is a new generation of keys that have a boot release button alongside the regular lock and unlock button.

The boot release button is designed to only open the boot and to maintain the rest of the doors in a locked position and has been the main focus for the motorist who just wants to pick-up/drop-off items from the boot. However, for some, the load on their hands can get a little too much so people can leave their keys in the boot. Once the boot lid has been closed, it will not re-open unless the boot release button/unlock button is pressed.

Some cars have been programmed by the manufacturer to lock the doors after a few seconds of when the doors have been unlocked. Some central locking systems in cars can also play up and lock the vehicle, leaving your keys inside. This is not a problem for us at Herts and London Car Keys as we have been specially trained to use automotive lock-picks to open your doors with no damage done whatsoever to your door locks.

There is no need to smash a window, give us a call and our emergency locksmith will be of your assistance.

Lost Car Keys

If you have lost all the keys to your vehicle, give us a call to provide you with a quote and a time for us to arrive at your location.

You will get through to a professional automotive locksmith who will ask you for the address, registration number, make and model of the vehicle and identification. The owner may be asked a few questions related to the incident – please understand that it is for security purposes.

Most lost key jobs will take up to an hour to complete from start to finish. However, the complexity and advanced security of modern vehicles can result in a slightly longer timeframe. No matter how long this takes, there is no added cost to our services – and no call out charge to pay! Its just one price, that’s it.

 Stolen Car Keys

Keys are often a high-value target for thieves.
Sometimes during a burglary thieves will steal car keys but not get a chance to take the car and other times they are an opportunist’s target.

Securing the vehicle and called us is a top priority to make sure your vehicle is safe.

We aim to be with you in under 2 hours and have you back into your vehicle using non-destructive techniques. new keys will be cut and programmed for your car after we have removed the stolen keys from the car’s immobiliser, rendering them useless.

Broken/Snapped Car Keys

We get calls from customers that have broken their keys inside their ignition or door lock, leaving a piece of the key blade in the key barrel.

We use specialist extraction tools to remove the broken piece. We can then proceed to cut and programme a new key using our mobile workshop.


Key Fob Replacement / Refurbishments

Remote key fobs over time can get problematic. A common occurrence is when the buttons begin to deteriorate and eventually the processor chip appears. The damage can become more severe to the extent that you cannot use the buttons for your central locking.

We can solve that issue by replacing your key fob casing so the function and look of your remote key will go back to normal.


Spare Car Keys

This is an area we specialise in. Depending on the make, model and year of the car we can provide customers with simple mechanical keys – ones that manually lock/unlock the doors and start your vehicle; and remote keys that operate the central locking at the touch of a button.

We advise customers to maintain a spare and keep them safely stored, in the event that you lose a key and need your car asap. We can still come to you and delete the lost key from the vehicle’s system. This means anyone who finds your key cannot start your car and operate the remote’s central locking.


Full Vehicle Lock Replacement

In extreme cases, you may require full vehicle lock replacements around your car or van.

We are able to help with this though it will require you coming to our North London workshop and we’ll usually need to order the locks in. If security is important to you then you may wish to replace the locks throughout your vehicle, ensuring the locks and keys are a correct match and your immobiliser is correctly programmed to continue working. This may be the ideal solution if you’ve had your locks vandalised or want to stop someone accessing your vehicle who may have a spare key or fob to gain access.

We’ll wipe the old keys from the system and create new custom sets in any quantity you require.


Van Fleet Keys

We know that many businesses will have a fleet of vehicles which may require locksmith services. This is especially true of companies that may deliver items for a living or provide services.

We’re happy to provide a reliable Auto Locksmith service with big discounts for multiple vans and fleet vehicles.

We can come to you, on-site and provide spare keys, create new keys and fix a number of issues in our mobile workshop for all major brands such as Mercedes Benz, Ford, Peugeot, VW & more. All at a fraction of the price that dealerships would charge. Get in touch for a free quote!


Auction cars Auto Locksmith

Auction cars often come with only one key and sometimes without one at all!

If you’ve bought a car from eBay, CoPart or any of the other big auction sites you’ll know its a bit of a gamble whether you will receive a key or not. and then it’s a guessing game if they will work.
We provide a fully mobile service to get you keys cut for any auction car. wether you have keys or not.
We can also gain entry to any car meaning you can get to work quickly and get the car out of the door.


Japanese Import Cars

Japanese import cars are something we specialise in where others don’t.

Most main dealers will not touch imported cars as they simply don’t have the knowledge or the parts to cut keys or replace locks.
We provide a fully mobile auto locksmith service to a large range of imported cars from simple spare keys to full lock replacement. 


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